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Non - Surgical Fat Reduction


Cryo-lipolysis Treatments

Cryo-lipolysis, also known as Cryo-Lipo, refers to the process of destroying the body’s fat cells using an intense, localised cooling treatment. A small machine helps ‘freeze’ the fat and sculpts the body, offering a non-invasive and more cost-effective alternative to liposuction.

Invented in 2008 at America’s prestigious Harvard University, cryo-lipolysis was fully launched to the market in 2012. Just a year later we started offering cryo-lipolysis training.

Since then fat freezing has really taken off. After all, why spend hours at the gym when you can simply freeze away stubborn fat in seconds!



- Weigh loss

- Cellulite Reduction

- Lymphatic drainage

- Enhance skin elasticity

- Promote tissue metabolism

- Accelerate blood circulation

- Body contouring, body sculpting

Ayesha " I have tried and tested every diet there is, had a personal trainer, but couldn't tone my flabby belly after child birth. I was skeptical at first, but for the first time I was able to target and isolate those stubborn areas with only two treatments, (my tummy, and my love handles). Now I love wearing skinny jeans! With liposuction there was likely to be the same outcome, but this treatment saved me thousands on surgery!!"

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Raynaud’s disease 

Implanted medical device

Umbilical or inguinal hernia

Cold sensitivities

Patients with Hepatitis C

Recent surgery in the treatment area (within 1 year)

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the word cryolipolysis mean?

• Cryo = cold, lipo = fat, lysis = breakdown. It literally means fat breakdown through cold.

How does the fat disappear?

• Fat cells are sensitive to low temperatures and get destroyed by apoptosis process after being exposed to cold probe of the machine.

Is it a safe procedure?

• The device safely targets the fat layer without affecting the overlying skin and slowly crystallizes the fat cell contents. 

When will I see a difference?

  • During the following two months, the melted fat is gradually eliminated via natural metabolic processes.

Can I eat as normal?

  • All Clients for any weight loss treatment are always advised to stick to a healthy diet, and lifestyle. Therefore, if you go back to over eating junk, you will be less likely to obtain maximum effects.

Do you give healthy diet plans and fitness plans?

  • Yes. Sohail is a trained personal trainer and qualified in mental health and fitness. He will offer all our client a free basic diet plan and simple fitness regime!!

Can I eat before I come?

  • Its not recommended that clients eat solid food at least 2 hours before treatments. Or beforehand, if treating the abdominal area.

Can you treat more than one are at one time?

Yes we have the dual machine which allows us to treat 2 areas at any one time. 

Does it hurt?

The treatment will only be slightly painful to those sensitive to suction on the skin during the treatment. Most clients receive pain-free sessions. In some cases bruising may be apparent, (dependant on the amount of fatty area treated) after the treatment. These should disappear over the course of the following days post treatment.